Here’s why I don’t believe in happily ever afters!!

Many a times people ask me my favourite love story that I have read. Until few years back, I was fascinated by every ‘happily ever after’ love tale that fairy tales taught me. Yet I found no answer to the question. But today I have the answer to this question. “My favourite love story is mine own story that I carved bit by bit, each day, each moment with my soulmate.”

Our story was the perfect one. The kind of story that Nicholas Sparks was thinking while writing “The Notebook.” Only difference is that my story doesn’t fall in the category of ‘happily ever after.’ It remains incomplete. It neither had a beginning nor any end. It simply ended the way it started. Perhaps such stories never end. Even if we try to bury their thoughts somewhere deep down, they keep popping up. Maybe that’s love or maybe that’s an example of strength that love holds. This love was so strong that it overcame the desire to be with him forever and I simply let him go just like the way I let him enter in my life.

It was the kind of love that I never questioned. Because for a matter of fact I knew that it was purely love. I could see that in the way he gazed at me. I could feel it in his arms that he held me. I could feel it in the way how every big fight could become insignificant infront of the bond we shared. And finally after a separation of six months when I met him for the one last time, his anxious eyes searching for me made me feel that it was indeed love! The kind of love that surpasses every obstacle.

It’s been a while now and surprisingly I cannot remember any our fights. I do not remember the last time I sent him a mushy text. Neither do I remember what we talked for hours standing on the road until the batteries of our phones gave up. I just remember how he made me feel. Because this is what that matters. No matter how many times you fight, the only thing that matters is how the person made you feel when no one else did. It’s not that I desire to be with him. Because I have happily lived that part of my life with him.

Before I met him, I believed if someday I bump into my love and I would never let it go. And luckily I got the one that I wouldn’t have ever given up on. But sometimes circumstances do not favour us. And that’s what happened. And specially if you are weak, you fail to fight with the world for your love. Because the world thinks you are too young to love someone this truly. And hence I admit that I was weak. I was weak to take a stand. With a wish of his well being, I had to let him go. Happily.

Since that day I stopped believing in ‘happily afters.’ But I never stopped believing in love. The kind of love that can love selflessly in the present.

Copyright © Divya Pathak. All rights reserved


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